Rs300bn financial irregularities detected in CAA


Serious financial anomalies to the tune of Rs300 billion have been found in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), according to the auditor general (AG) audit report for the financial year 2019-20.

As per the audit report released on Tuesday, the authority incurred a massive loss on account of financial irregularities, illegal flight permits and illegal occupation of its land.

It laments that despite several reminders, the CAA failed to convene a meeting of the Departmental Audit Committee (DAC).

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The report, based on the 53 audit paras, also includes paras of financial matters worth Rs65.11 billion and observes that the CAA suffered a loss of 75.43 billion due to illegal flight permits and the non-recovery of their arrears.

Further, the audit points out that illegal seizure of the authority’s land caused a loss of Rs144.88 billion and the CAA sustained a loss of Rs14.58 billion due to delays and non-receipt of dues from airlines and other entities. The audit report says illegal flight permits and occupation of authority’s land caused a whopping loss of billions of rupees

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