Residents to protest against reopening of crushing plants


Residents of Piran neighbourhood have demanded the closure of crushing plants in the Khanpur area of the Hazara Division.

The locals said that the court orders of closure of the crushing plant have been ignored by the owners, who have reopened their plants with the alleged backing of local district officials.

They said that the high court and the Supreme Court had issued closure orders of the crushing plants but they continue to function unabated be closed because of alleged collusion between the district officials and the influential plant owners.

The locals said the blasting caused tremours in the Piran neighbourhood and in it rained rocks. They said that cracks have been developed in the walls of several houses and a major mishap could not be can occur at any time.

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The residents of the Piran neighbourhood warned they will take to the streets with their children if the crushing plants were not closed down.

They said that blasting has mentally agonized them, and the area always remained in the grip of fear. They said that the silence of the authorities was compelling them to stage a strong protest rally. Sources said that the crushing plants have reopened after they were shut a few days back.

The sources said that several locals have been injured after being struck by stones. They said that the local administration implemented the court orders and shut down the illegal crushing plants.

Meanwhile, Haripur Deputy Commissioner has sought an inquiry report about the reopening of the crushing plants in the Khanpur area.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 27th, 2021.

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