Pakistan has vital role to bring peace to Afghanistan: Erdogan


Pakistan has a vital duty to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan, where conflicts have intensified recently, the Turkish president said on Sunday.

“As Turkey, we are facing a wave of Afghan migrants through Iran,” said Erdogan speaking alongside his Pakistani counterpart Arif Alvi at a ship launching ceremony of the Pakistan MILGEM Corvette Project in Istanbul on Sunday.

Erdogan added that his country would continue to put every effort to help bring stability in Afghanistan and in the region.

“To achieve this, we need to boost cooperation with Pakistan.”

“Pakistan with a population of 2 billion plays a critical role in efforts to establish peace and increase prosperity in South Asia,” he added.

Erdogan said Turkey will work with Pakistan to help stabilise Afghanistan and prevent a new flood of refugees.

“We will continue efforts to enable the return of stability in the region, beginning with Afghanistan,” Erdogan said.

“To do that, we have to pursue and strengthen our cooperation with Pakistan.”

“We are determined to mobilise all the means at our disposal to succeed,” the Turkish leader said.

The comments came with the Taliban poised to take power on the outskirts of Kabul.

The Taliban resurgence comes after NATO troops withdrew following a decision by US President Joe Biden to pull out.

President Alvi was in Istanbul for the launch of a naval vessel built by Turkey for the south Asian nation that borders Afghanistan and is a key regional player.

Turkey has several hundred soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and has offered to take charge of security at Kabul’s international airport after the US completes its military withdrawal by the end of August, provided financial and logistical support are forthcoming.

Erdogan has also proposed to meet the Taliban leader for talks.

The arrival of Afghan migrants on Turkey’s eastern border has become a hot political topic in Ankara, with the opposition pressing the government to take strong measures to stop the influx.

The government has responded by stepping up construction of a border wall with Iran in recent days.

“With this wall, we will totally stop the arrivals,” Erdogan said Sunday.

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